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"Twenty years after John's death" (pdf)
by Lesley Close, England


"The Switzerland Schedule"
An essay on a family’s experience by Robin Williamson (


“Alzheimer’s Disease: What it’s like to see it coming” and “Choosing death with dignity in the face of Alzheimer’s Disease”. A family’s experience, in two blogs by Debra Bunce (pdf)


„I hope to die with dignity by another means, but I could be prevented by unpredictable circumstances, so knowing you are there is a huge reassurance. Thank you DIGNITAS for your compassion and thank you Switzerland for your common sense.“

Frances Reynolds, UK


„I think all the best of DIGNITAS. Since about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer in advanced stadium. Living in a country like Italy this wasn‘t any good news at all. Having as a perspective the worst of all futures, I had knowledge of your valuable activity and subscribed immediately. For me and the less fortunate it is a relief to know that there is a way out.“

Paolo Ferri, Italy


„I have always believed that it is everyone’s right to be able to decide over the date and manner of his or her death. It has always seemed outrageous to me that I cannot. DIGNITAS holds a very enlightened view in my opinion, one with which I would like to be associated, hence my continuing support. Gradually, other countries have started to change and I am hopeful that one day the UK will also become enlightened enough to allow its citizens this right.“

J.H., UK


„Your charity gives me the hope that I may have the possibility of peaceful death; at a time of my choosing, rather than be at the mercy of fatality on account of other people's belief systems oppressing my own volition.“

Ben Wigram, UK


„Your mere presence is a great comfort. I am a firm believer in the right of every human being to decide when and how to end his or her life. DIGNITAS does not, of course, offer this. But it has taken a major step in the right direction and I heartily applaud the way it combats the frequent attempts which are made to try to weaken its position.

One day, hopefully, public opinion and in its wake political opinion, will go all the way, and if it does, DIGNITAS and its work will have been decisive.“

John Rees, Austria


„Death should have the same dignity as life. I full agree with DIGNITAS’ philosophy in understanding and respecting a person and his/her freedom and posture in facing death. I’m a person who loves life and the freedom of choice, and I do know that I will find with DIGNITAS, if necessary, when death arrives, the same freedom and dignity that I currently live. Unfortunately, in my country, it don’t exist this kind of respect for the person and his/her will. DIGNITAS is always deep in my heart.“

Vera Cristina Bernardino, Portugal


„Up to now my contact with DIGNITAS was constantly on a high and mutually respected level. I must admit that it came somewhat as a shock that making use of the services of DIGNITAS would require substantial further contributions. My problem was that because of some very unfortunate investments I have lost virtually all my savings and I would have been unable to pay the contribution required should I indeed decide to go for it. Fortunately DIGNITAS has created a solution for people in the similar situation as I am for which I am greatly thankful.“

Johannes Nienaber, The Netherlands


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