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December 2017


"I can’t remember the first time I heard the name Dignitas but, like
millions of people, what it represents is now well known to me.
The vast majority of the British public understand the courage of those
seeking a dignified death, and the compassion needed by their loved ones.

Our outdated laws discriminate between rich and poor, discourage proper
conversations between patients and their doctors, criminalise grieving relatives
who spend time with their loved ones in their dying moments and oblige people
to end their lives beforethey are ready. Worst of all, while they are predicated on
preserving the sanctity of life, they show no mercy to those facing an agonising
death, and deny free will to those whose lives and deaths depend upon it.

It’s time that the UK stopped outsourcing its compassion to Switzerland and began
listening to dying people who want and need the most basic choice they will ever face."


Kit Malthouse MP,

Chair, Choice at the End of Life All-Party Parliamentary Group


in: “The True Cost – How the UK outsources death to Dignitas” >> Link / PDF


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